Casting JonBenet

Started watching this documentary about a murder that happened in Boulder that I didn’t know about when I was there, and they started talking about Flagstaff and Baseline Road, and how Flagstaff starts out as Baseline and I was like “I know this!”. It kinda felt good hearing these people talking about this place I loved (and love, and will always love :D). What I didn’t know was that the murder happened right by Baseline, where I walked all those times on my way to Chautauqua or Flagstaff! You just take a right at 15th street and that infamous house is right there! I had no idea!

My mom lives up Flagstaff Road…if you’ve ever been up Flagstaff, it starts out as Baseline Road. So to come down the mountain and go into town, unless you cut off at 9th Street, you literally drove by 15th street, and that’s where the Ramsey house is located.

It’s the way she talks about it as if I know it (I have been up Flagstaff), how she talks this familiarly (is that a word?) about this place I know so well and love and walked those times when I was just happy and alive, without worrying about school or anything, just enjoying beautiful Boulder and the nature there. It just made me kinda excited and now I want to go back.

The fact that the murder happened there is not what made me excited, just to be clear. That’s messed up. Guess I’ll have to research that case now.

Let’s find an already uploaded pic from Flagstaff mountain as the profile pic


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