Meeting tomorrow

Doubt anything fruitful will come out of it but ya never know!


Finally started exercising properly again since I got well. My condition’s gone down, which sucks, but I’ll be working hard to build it back up! 🙂 Done stolzen 3 evenings in a row now!

It’s amazing how sunshine makes a difference! It terms of sanity and happiness. I guess I’m not as complex as I thought and that level of sunshine really does have a big effect. Always more liable to become really depressed between december and april, when theoretically the sun is supposed to “go down” (don’t like being scientifically inaccurate like that) around 5-6 pm, but in reality it’s usually clouded so there’s no sunshine at all, only grey daylight. You can really go crazy from depression, ya know. Everything can be the end of the world, even the most random thing. Hasn’t been that bad this winter, but everything always feels much lighter and I think much more clearly once we hit may. These days there’s a LOT of sunshine, clear skies and sunshine from around 4 am to after 11pm. I’m not hating it! Suckers in other countries where the sun “goes down” (ugh) at 8pm at the peak of summer. Then again, they have sunshine the rest of the year, so…


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