Old psychic reading

This is a reading from a psychic medium from a loooong time ago. She did email readings for people in a facebook group, back when facebook groups were cool. I sent an email with a photo of me and this is the reply I got. She switches from “you” to “he” a lot, “he” being the guy in the photo, which of course was me.

Hi I’d like to apologise for the delay in doing your reading, I’ve been really busy recently. Thank you so much for offering to let me practice on you.

I see you as someone that finds it hard sometimes to keep their feet firmly planted on the floor and that your dreams often take you further a field. I most certainly see you as someone who wants to travel.

I feel there will be a lot of learning for this young man in the future, as he is thirsty for knowledge. He has quite a few questions about life that he would like to find out more about. Sometimes he may yearn for the answers to questions that he hasn’t actually voiced yet and I feel that he will hear those questions soon. You see our deep inner us, often knows us better than the ‘us’ that we show ourselves.

I feel there is a young woman in his past that didn’t always show him the truth about herself… that she would have worn the clothes of one person but she was very different to how he had imagined her. I feel that they have either parted company now, or this woman has found her true identity now and that harmony once again reins.

This young man puts a smile upon his face but sometimes this is because it is the reaction that others expect to see there, where really deep down in his heart, it doesn’t really all add up. He certainly isn’t one to just trust someone without a reason and this is a lot to do with his past relationships.

I also see him as someone with many friends, but not one true friend of his own age that is on the same journey in life as himself. So he turns to older people for the friendships that his ‘real self’ needs. Finding the balance between his friendships can be a struggle sometimes and perhaps an older woman in the past may have even misunderstood his intentions because of this.

Words are important to this man even though he probably doesn’t realise it.

If this young man was before me now, I would tell him not to try and rush the life ahead of him as it will happen but in it’s own good time. I don’t know if he has been thinking of going on a course recently to do with spiritual development and he is tempted but something is holding him back from saying ‘yes’ to his own questions. If this is the case then I would urge the young man to leave the course and wait and ask himself the same question in a years time as I feel that when he then asks, he will know the answer straight away. I do believe that if he did go on the course now, that he would benefit from it, it certainly wouldn’t be money wasted but it may be easier to digest next year.

He may also have an interest in historic buildings as I can feel an excitement when he enters one. Has this young man any architectural links? As again I feel this could be an avenue for him.

It’s funny really as I sit here as I have the strong desire to see if there is anyone from spirit here for you… but I feel this is you… that you have a very strong desire within this reading to hear from someone and I feel it to be a man. There hasn’t been any communication with spirit yet as this reading so far has all been done on the psychic level, which means all done on the gut instincts that we feel about something. I feel that perhaps you too have these strong thoughts about certain things, maybe when holding them or when looking at them for the first time… maybe even wondering if perhaps you’ve seen or held them before as they seem so familiar to you?

I will now attempt to connect to spirit. All forms of mediumship are experimental and should be viewed only for entertainment purposes according to the recent changes in law within the UK where I live. Please also note that if someone does come through, I as the medium have no control as to who comes to speak to me, I suppose you could say I am the person holding the phone and if anyone talks to me I will pass it on to you.

I feel at the moment the most important message to you is one of guidance rather than from an individual loved one and I feel this is being brought to me by one of your guides or helpers. They aren’t showing themselves to me at the moment but I feel that you may have felt them around you. Perhaps you have felt the presence of a beard on your face, a white beard… this is a bit like cobwebs on your chin.

He draws close today as he says that you have had a monumental decision to make and he wants you to know that your prayers have been heard. I’m not being told as to what this is about but I am hearing three months.. so I hope that means something to you. I also feel that you have been sending out healing thoughts to others and they want you to know that you have been heard.

As your guide steps back a little old lady has walked up to me, she isn’t very tall and quite a frail lady. She is using a walking stick in her left hand and she is quite hunched over a bit as she walks. I feel this lady would have had quite a lot of pain in her last decade or so of her life as she had arthritis or rheumatism or maybe a bit of both and she really used to feel the cold. She was quite short with people when she spoke and if you really annoyed her, she’d wag her stick about. She is showing me that one of her stockings has fallen down and she says that this used to happen a lot. I am feeling her touch my left arm now, she’s having a good old prod to keep my attention and I feel that you too may have felt this… someone prodding your arm.

She is quite a charcter, I bet a few ran if they saw her in a temper, but it was all part of the game to her as she is a really sweet lady really and she has an amazing smile and boy could she laugh. It is this part of her character that many remember and she loves it.

If I was to guess her height, whilst standing leaning on her stick, I wouldn’t put her taller than five foot as she really is quite a small but happy person. She is showing me now a great big round birthday cake, with white icing on top and there are three big candles upon the cake and I feel this would have been significant.

I have a lump forming in my throat slightly to the right side of my neck and I feel this would have been a growth of some kind as it isn’t a sore throat that I have and I believe that this could belong to a grandfather in spirit, again quite a character but with a bit more meat on him than the lady. I feel that this man would have had a habit involving his tongue a kind of in out kind of habit… I feel myself doing these things and I have to them explain them and sometimes this is hard for me sorry… okay this man is taller than the lady as I have found myself looking up at him, and he is wearing glasses. I feel I want to give this man to you as belonging to your mother. So he is your mother’s father or grandfather.

This man would have worn a flat cap quite a bit and also feel that he may have smoked a pipe. I also feel that he may have had an interest in motorbikes in his youth. He is holding out a book to me, so I know he would have loved to read books and he is showing me the book as there is a book that he feels you should read. I’m not sure at the momemt if it is a book you already own or one you need to borrow from a libray but he asks you to do this for him.

Before doing anything, please can you find out more information first and then decide what to do. ……… I hope this means something to you.

As this man starts to draw away he grabs the lady and they change from being old to being very young and they are twirling around a dance floor which really reminds me of the film Cinderella… of course with himself being prince charming, so I feel he would have loved to dance and not in the new fangled way people dance these days.

When my communicators leave I always ask them for a gift and today you are being given a key, there is nothing flash about the key… it’s just an old door key. I hope you can take this as sometimes the gifts are memories being shared and sometimes they can be symbolic.

Thank you so much for letting me do this reading for you and I shall look forward to your feedback.

Sorry as I am saying goodbye a young girl has just run up to me and she feels a bit like a sister to me, quite young I’d say between 8 and 10 years old, she is wearing a beautiful dress as though she is ready to go to a party and she is wearing white ankle socks and posh (I’m told) new shoes. She is very excited to be here and really wanted just a chance to say Hi to you… she is so full of love it is filling my whole body with goosebumps. She is making me very aware of my legs, I feel she may have had a condition that started in the lower legs and then moved around her body… and she just wants everyone to know that she is okay now.  I just asked her how old she was when she went to spirit and she told me she was a baby.

As she leaves me she hands me a yacht for you.

Once again, thank you for letting me do this reading for you. Please feel able to be completely honest with your feedback to me as I learn just as much by my failures as I do by my successes as I develop my medium skills.

God bless

I really believed in this stuff at the time. Really. I was 100% convinced of life after death, mediumship and the like. Over the years that faded. And in the last year I haven’t been convinced about anything spiritual at all. I don’t believe in an afterlife. I want to. I wish I could be convinced because that would be a tremendous (ew, that word is tainted now) comfort to me. But I don’t choose what convinces me.

I was near death, in either a real coma or an artificial coma or something else, in a resperator twice. Nothing. No bright light, no one coming to meet me. Just…nonexistence. Time hadn’t stopped. When I came to, I was already sick of the room I was in. Because I’d been confined to the bed in this room for days. Felt like a prisoner. So even though I wasn’t conscious and there was nothing, not even darkness, the “internal clock” kept ticking, and I knew time had passed. It wasn’t like “teleporting” from where I was when I fell unconscious to that hospital room.
A while after I got released from the hospital, I was going to sleep and pulled my covers up around my neck for some reason and I realized that this was familiar, I “remembered” without remembering that I had been hugged while lying down. By family, I presume. Sense memory. And the time-keeping part of your brain. Body things. Nothing spiritual. Nothing that would convince me that when you really die, consciousness doesn’t cease, the clock doesn’t stop ticking.

I found this email buried in my inbox, still there after all this time. It meant a lot to me then, even though some of it didn’t make sense to me at the time. I was convinced anyway. I was convinced before I got it, and I was convinced it was accurate after, even though I didn’t understand some things. The “spirits” checked out, old man in flatcap into motorcycles on my mother’s side of the family, I actually asked my mom about that and relayed all that information and she said that all described her grandparents. She later made a medium friend who described the same people to her.

Would be really awesome to get personal experience that would prove this is real to me. But that ain’t happening and I’m not convinced anymore.


2 thoughts on “Old psychic reading

  1. You said the spirit with the flat cap matched someone you’d known. That sort of thing is what gives me confidence that our spirit does live beyond physical death. People have been reporting seeing ghosts or getting information from those who have died for as long back as we have written stories. I’ve had enough psychics give me information that wasn’t just vague generalities for me to believe they were really picking up something true. Not long ago one said my father described me as his little mad scientist, which fit with some of the things I did as a kid.

    I actually find it harder to believe in deities than in spirits of the dead, because deities are much more complicated and contradictory. If one believe as deity is both all-powerful and innately good or wise, then how does one explain all the bad things that happen to seemingly good and innocent people? If, on the other hand, we still don’t have much wisdom or power after we die, then we might be concerned for our loved ones who are still living, but not be able to do much to help them. This limitation seems more in keeping with the world I see around me. Sometimes we get a dream or hear a little voice that helps us out, but much of the time we miss or don’t understand these messages.

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    1. That’s awesome! I’m glad you got that comfort 🙂

      Yeah, I don’t really see the need for deities. Seems superfluous, and an overly simplistic explanation in a universe where there are no simple explanations.

      Wish there would be just overwhelming proof, at least personally, rather than a little voice or vague dreams :/

      Here’s hoping! lol

      Hope you are well 🙂


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