Even more TMI health stuff

following 24 hours went fine, drug didn’t affect me much.
Turns out I have an ulcer. So will be getting medicine for that now

So, if I hadn’t gone to that examination (where they jammed a tube down my throat) my ulcer would have continued to go undiscovered.

I’ve had it for such a long time (maybe as long as since October/November, if the initial pain wasn’t a muscle problem) without knowing it and getting treatment for it. Untreated ulcers can burn a hole in your insides  (even more painful than what I was already experiencing) and that can lead to death if you don’t have emergency surgery. The doctor doing the examination mentioned afterwards how I might have needed surgery if I hadn’t done this, but left out the “emergency” part and how I might also have died (Perforated ulcer wiki).   I remember reading someone who’d been on Would I Lie to You died of an ulcer recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iotoiv4iwc) and it can certainly be fatal.

Not how I want to go. Don’t want to spend my last moments in indescribable agony.  I’m on medication for it now and once I get the biopsi results I’ll know if I need to take antibiotics as well. Also going back to another tube-jamming session in a month to see if it’s healed or not.

Here’s hoping the meds work and the ulcer doesn’t burn a frickin hole.

(featured pic isn’t mine. I didn’t want to waste any of my pics from nice memories on this post)


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