Health update

I’m bad at keeping track of time because every week’s the same so I don’t know if it’s a week ago, two weeks ago or three weeks ago when I was at my mom’s and my back and stomach pain got so intense I wasn’t responsive (that the right term? not replying, not talking back when my mom spoke to me), writhing in the worst physical pain of my life, and I (grossout alert) threw up red, thin liquid despite not having eaten or drunk anything red that day. So my mom took me to Legevakten, which according to google translate is actually the Emergency Room, but not really, it’s not Akutten (Hospital emergency room), more doctor’s office/clinic mixed with emergency…whatever

I went there and waited for 4 hours because it was a saturday night and drunk partypeople were hogging the 3 docs on call. When it was finally my turn the doc talked to me for a bit, ordered a physical examination at the hospital which’ll be next week and a referral to orthopedwhatever, in addition talked about how I might have an ulcer from prolonged daily use of ibuprofen or how something else might be happening in my liver or stomach in addition to my back (or maybe it’s all in the liver/stomach and it just feels like it’s in my back). I got some medication that would help against ulcer, as well as dissolvable painkillers in a glass of water and a shot in my back. The feeling when those meds took affect was the best feeling ever, finally the pain was fully gone and I had a full night’s (or morning/afternoon’s) sleep, uninterrupted by pain, for the first time in a loong time.

The day after, I woke up early morning from pain again. Went and bought some of those dissolvable painkillers (because I can no longer take pills, my body doesn’t accept them, probably because of attempts in 2008) in addition to the ulcer relieving stuff and ever since that morning, I’ve been almost 100% pain free!

No waking up from pain, no having to take painkillers several times a day. I haven’t had to take painkillers at all!

So it may be a bit of a shame that now that I may finally be getting well, I’ll be having 3 examinations. One of them in particular I’m not looking forward to. Before I go to the orthopedwhatever it’s procedure to have an X-ray taken. Only I’ve already had an MRI and it showed nothing out of the ordinary. An X-ray won’t show more…will it? I don’t think so, I thought and MRI is a more detailed X-ray. And then he’ll see the x-ray shows nothing out of the ordinary, and he’ll poke me in a few places, just like the docs did, and ask “does it hurt when I do this?”, which it never does, touching certain areas never triggers the pain, and then he’ll say the same as the physical therapist I went to: nothing out of the ordinary, doesn’t look like a muscular problem, I can’t help you.

Later that same day I’m having a CT scan. Which is already a cancer risk, but at the same day that I’m having an X-ray? lol. Would be awesome if I’m getting well now and then I get cancer from the CT. Now that I know how bad physical pain can get, I’d rather avoid cancer. I hear it can get pretty damn painful. Before this I wouldn’t care about cancer risks.

Anyways, that was the TMI update on my physical health.

Now that I’m getting well enough to function again, I’m going to look into the whole job consultant thing, get back on track. Though I need to move out of this country and I don’t see what job I could get that would help me with that. I don’t know how to figure out how to move abroad, more successfully this time. Studying abroad isn’t an option. Staying put here in Bergen is death, I’ve already wasted a year in this place that has a lot to offer to most of its residents, but not me. I can not stay here. I can not build a life here. There’s no one on my level here and I do not feel content, and nothing this place has to offer will make me feel content. I don’t belong here.


2 thoughts on “Health update

  1. I’m glad you’re getting help with your pain & other problems. I don’t know if the x-ray will show anything either, but the level of radiation used nowadays isn’t enough to worry about. Ditto for the other scans. The most important thing is to find out what is causing your pain & address that directly, rather than just masking the problem with pain-killers. Good Luck.

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