Happy Anniversary!

One year anniversary of my first post! How time flies when you’re having fun

And in that time I’ve achieved…nothing. Not gotten started on any path towards moving abroad, not moved to Italy to pick olives or whatever, not gone to university/college or gotten a job here, not been to London, not made any friends, not gone to any meetups. I’ve achieved absolutely nothing. Wasted an entire year. Over a year, in fact. 1 year and almost 3 months since I left Denver. That’s how much time I’ve wasted. Now I’m that much older without having built my life. Wasted so much of my life. A year of nothing. I was supposed to build my life when I got home, instead I stagnated for over a year. But it’s not stagnation, because I get older, time works against me, whenever I actually get started I’ll be that much older than I was supposed to be when I did that.

It’s like when I left Denver, my plane hit an electromagnetic anomaly and entered some alternate reality where everything is upside down, everything goes wrong, everything is wrong, everyone makes the wrong choices, nothing makes sense, everything goes to hell.

What I need to do is mentally time travel back onto that plane, and warn the flight crew so they’ll stay clear of the anomaly and we’ll land safely in the real world.



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