“Not a useful experience”



ZeBlackRockSalesman remembers me!



Whole lot of replies to farewells



ZeBlackRockSalesman’s final post :/ That guy was always there, always everywhere, on every board I visited. A legendary figure, constantly changing what he was selling. I even used his name off site as a joke, like “Zebumpsalesman” when bumping posts in facebook groups or on other sites.

So many of them met each other in real life. I never got to do that. Wish I could have. Should have spent even more time on the boards, should never have stopped going there, should have joined The Barracks. I could have made friends for life, friends I  could have met up with when I was in the US, or I could have done day trips to London for meets that happened there. :/

“Family album”

Aww, one line at the end of an otherwise silly bio in the family album: “…reminding us every day that just because we sit scattered across the globe in front of flashing LCD screens doesn’t mean we don’t truly connect… and doesn’t mean we aren’t a genuine family. . ”

That’s sweet. I mean, not sure if I believe that, but I used to, and I’d like to. It just sounds nice.



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