IMDb boards

Been a member there for over 11 years. I was a regular on the LOST board, and a member of the community there. It was a real community. Two of them got married! The boards are why everyone goes there! It’s all about the board communities, the good and fun conversations! That’s what IMDb is! The boards ARE IMDb! And now they’re going to remove them. 11 years. All those discussions, all those years people have spent there, all those connections people have made, the awesome communities…deleted. Destroyed. Because the out of touch morons who own the site think it’s not a “useful experience”. Because of ” data and traffic.” It’s just dumb. They’re removing a staple of my online life. Of so many people’s lives.

I hope there’s some way to protest and fight it and stop them but I doubt it.

It’s sort of like when facebook removed discussion forums for groups because they wanted it to be quicker and more like a wall, destroying communities then, deleting good conversations where people got to know each other and had valuable experiences. But it’s also that much worse than that because facebook had only existed for a few years then. The IMDb boards have been there since I was 15, and I’ve been posting in and reading them since then.

It’s not theirs. That’s the mistake they make. They’re detached, they just care about shaping “their” site like they want it to be, not even knowing, let alone caring, what they destroy in the process. But it’s not theirs. Facebook groups did not belong to the owners/managers of facebook, and the IMDb boards do not belong to the owners of IMDb. They belong to the communities that are built there, the connections that are made, the worlds that are created. But unfortunately, these owners can destroy worlds, massacre communities, sever connections. That’s what facebook did, and IMDb are now taking that to an unprecedented new level.

And there’s no way to stop them.





2 thoughts on “IMDb boards

  1. The sad truth is that the users have virtually no say in what happens on a forum run by some corporation. All the owners really care about is money, so if the forum is not in some way helping them make money, they don’t care if the posters are happy or not.

    Maybe you can find a forum that’s not run by a corporation, but primarily exists for the benefit of its users to exchange information and ideas?

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