Oh right

This place exists!

Trip report from Denver (been a while since I got home, I thought I would have so much to say about it but I don’t, weird. Maybe I’m changing):


Got to ride a 747 for the first time in my life…and it was not a pleasant experience. Most long haul flights have 2-4-2 seating in economy class, and for good reason: so you’ll only be max 1 seat from the aisle. Not on this old plane! Here I sat in a tiny window seat with 2 people between me and the aisle, and of course they slept through the entire frickin 12 hour flight so I had to wake both of them up when I needed to stretch my legs.

Been to LAX twice now. Over 3 hour stopover this time. Didn’t see any celebrities this time either.


My pic of LA last time was clearer, but it’s taken from a plane in motion, cut me some slack!

Arrived in Denver on time (yay!) evening of the 24th. Checked into the hotel, same hotel as last time. Only last time I got a new, modern, clean (except for the first night) room. This time I got a room that looked like it was from the 80s and was definitely not clean >:-{

Took a shower and then went downtown. 16th street. Onto campus. My old home, where there was a sign that said “Welcome Home”


First window from the left in the lowest white area (on “our” side, the side that goes off to the right) is my old room. I snuck this pic of it on my way to my fave cinema in the world the next day 😀

25th! That’s when I saw Fantastic Beasts at the Imax. That place has gotten more popular! Last time it was always only me and like 3 other people at every movie, this time a lot more! I thought it was because it was a major movie in Imax 3d, but 2 days (27th!) later I went to see Arrival, and there were still a lot more people than I got used to last year. It was really nice to be back there. I wrote some posts on here about how I missed the cinema the most, didn’t I? Which is bizarre, why would I miss a cinema so much? But oh well, I did miss it, and I did love being back there 🙂


Colorado station!

I know these are bad pictures, but they have sentimental value 😀

I also had breakfast and lunch at my old places. Here’s my old lunch/dinner spot:


Wanted to have breakfast at the Tivoli (student union) but the shops there were closed while I was there. Thanksgiving weekend or whatever, I’ve forgotten the November schedule from last year.

On the 26th I got up early, and on a whim, took advantage of Colorado laws to purchase edible marijuana. Never tried thc before. I did some brief research, as I didn’t want to have to deal with too much customer service at the place, and found something that sounded alright, perfectly dosaged. Dixie’s awakening mints. One dose is 10 mg, they say. I also know it takes a lot of time to kick in, possibly hours, and that overdosing on edibles can be a bad experience, so I wanted to be careful. One mint is 5 mg. I took 2 while on the bus to Boulder to get some breakfast at the Alfalfa. Nothing happened that entire day, didn’t notice any effects. so I took one more mint later, but I didn’t want the bad trip with hallucinations and paranoia, so I was maybe a bit too careful in not taking too many. Result was I didn’t sense anything that entire day. I had a delightful breakfast at the Alfalfa though, and felt happy being back in beautiful Boulder! Walked along the creek, saw street performers at Pearl Street Mall, had dinner later at Illegal Pete’s. Good day. Don’t remember what I did the rest of the day. hmm.

The next morning I took 10 mg on empty stomach as soon as I got up, and eventually I did sense something. But it wasn’t much. It was sort of like being drunk without the drunkenness, just this slightly paralyzed feeling in my head, like it’d gotten a bit stiff. But none of the internal warmth that comes with alcohol. Took more later, but like the day before, was cautious and didn’t take too much, so nothing more happened. And as I said, that night I saw Arrival (been listening to that track, “On the Nature of Daylight”, that plays at the beginning and end, a lot) and uhm I guess I walked around Denver a lot? No, wait! I went to Boulder again that day! I had soup at the alfalfa and read my book. uhm. My memory is usually a lot better than this. My memory is legendary! I remember the full names of everyone I went to class with in our equivalent of elementary school! I remember Penny’s phone number from LOST (79460893)!  I do know the 27th is when I saw Arrival. I guess that was after I got back from Boulder. What the hell. It’s probably because I did a lot of walking. Didn’t spend a lot of time at the hotel. So there are a lot of little things to remember and keep track of.

ah, and one of those days I went to the lighting ceremony at Union Station, when they turned on the lights!


Clearly, this wasn’t a sightseeing trip. It’s a personal one. Didn’t do anything spectacular. I just visited one of my homes. Checked up on one of my horcruxes 😀

There’s a train to and from the airport now.

Left on it early on the 28th. Had to throw away my pack of awakening mints, obviously. Will try again next time. And then I was back at good ole DIA. This wonderful place of excitement, fun, of being in control of my life.

And then I left again. Back to unreality. But first, a short stopover at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. I thought I snapped some pics of the houses as the plane landed there, but apparently I didn’t. You couldn’t see the city centers anyway, just some houses and nature. I just thought it all looked very Norwegian, the forests, lakes, houses and even the weather. On the ground you could just barely see the outline of one or both of the cities in the distance but it doesn’t show in the pics I took. When I got off the plane, the next one, long haul to Amsterdam, was already boarding. But the airport looked cool 😀 I love airports. It had these ipad eating places like at Newark.

Plane from MSP to Amsterdam was much nicer than the old, big one from Amsterdam to LAX. 2-4-2 seating, A330. Nice plane 😀

And then I was back here. Damn.

Additional remark: Same time last year, Denver was frozen over, the coldest cold I’ve ever experienced. This time there wasn’t even snow at all. On the 25th it even got warm!

Lot of pictures to share on a blog that has a maximum of 1 reader, but I figure maybe this blog will be really famous in the future. Hello, future people! *waves*


3 thoughts on “Oh right

  1. I’m so glad you had a nice vacation.

    Now you know how low-dose cannabis edibles work. You hardly notice any effect on a full stomach, and not much more on an empty one. Funny that people make such a big deal about them, right? I like the 10 mg chocolate covered blueberries from Kiva, because they just relax me a little without making me feel fuzzy-brained. I compare the feeling at a 20 mg dose to having a glass of wine. Everyone is different though, so it’s best to only take small doses to begin with. My old roommate felt weird & had slight hallucinations with about a 15 mg dose of Kava chocolate bars. We’re still basically in a medical marijuana only state in California, because even though we passed a recreational use law, it’s only legal to buy and sell it as medical marijuana. I’m also not taking any until after I pass any potential pre-employment drug screens.

    I have yet to see Fantastic Beasts or Arrival myself, but I plan to see both. The only theater movie I’ve seen recently was Dr. Strange, which I liked.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! and sorry for late reply, I completely forget my blog exists O.o That is weird though, I’ve heard all these horror stories about people ODing and hallucinating and stuff. Thought I’d be conservative…wait…where do you get brand edibles in California? Or have you been visiting Colorado/Washington? 😀

      Now you’ve gotta add Rogue One to your list! Haven’t seen Dr. Strange, should probably get on that while it’s still in theaters


      1. Medical marijuana has been legal for a while in California, & it’s easy to get a doctor’s note recommending it. There are plenty of places where the doctors give recommendations without a real examination. All you have to do is say you have anxiety, depression, PTSD, glaucoma or chronic pain of some kind. Once you have a recommendation note, there are plenty of dispensaries for medical marijuana in my city.

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