Additional notes

  • I’ve had pain in my back for weeks now, maybe as much as a month. Went to the doctor with it twice but they were unhelpful. It gets really bad sometimes and especially when I run, so I haven’t exercised in a long time. I thought it had pretty much healed when I got home from Denver but suddenly it became excruciating again, couldn’t sleep, so been going through boxes of painkillers like crazy. Probably not good for my liver.
  • I used to be really against marijuana because it reminded me of the douchebags in school and people being all party-like and doing things they weren’t supposed to, breaking the law etc. But I’ve heard so many good things lately, including that it helps with social anxiety and depression, as well as pain, and I was right there in Denver, where dispensaries are everywhere, so I figured I’d try it. Don’t want to smoke anything, so went with edibles. Will try again next time I’m there.
  • I was really pissed off/depressed when Trump won the presidency. And the republicans kept the senate. Felt like a terrorist attack, like the forces of darkness have taken over. I started writing about it on here but I was just too angry/depressed about it to write coherently. It’s not even my country, but the world got a lot darker that day, and I worry about gun laws in that country now that a republican gets to pick supreme court judges. A republican who thinks Hillary Clinton isn’t extreme enough in her support of the 2nd amendment. The supreme court could be circumvented if Americans joined the civilized world and got rid of the second amendment through a vote, but apparently the extremists are in the majority in the US so that’ll never happen. Just a few pockets of sanity there like San Francisco. Also worried about climate change and the Paris agreement. But on the flip side, with a maniac like Trump in office and a nuclear arsenal at his fingertips, the world will probably end soon, so that’s nice.
  • I saw a coach about career, we didn’t figure it out. But we did agree I should talk to a job counselor, that photography could be something I could try, that whatever I do has to be meaningful, and that I have to work with people, not isolated, but not in big group projects either, it’ll have to be a nice balance. This all feels rather hopeless. No new classes in college here until next autumn, which is really stupid. I’m not waiting that long to start doing something.
  • I FINALLY finished A Feast for Crows, which I’ve been reading for a year now. Had reader’s block. Started reading Desperation by Stephen King. Not crazy about the christianity stuff but I like it in general, feels like reading a dream. I like dreams.
  • I feel like Denver/Boulder is the ideal place to meet people and make friends. People were chatting me up on the streets there, they’re very laid back and outgoing. As a Norwegian, I can’t help being thrown off and weirded out by that, but if I can get over that, and improve my social skills somehow, Denver and Boulder are the ideal places to make friends. I think I need to move back to the US.

2 thoughts on “Additional notes

  1. The United States is such a big and diverse country that you can find all kinds of cultures, opinions and people here. We tend to friendly, at least in a superficial way, except maybe in some big cities like New York. (I haven’t been there myself, so I’m just going by what I’ve heard about New York.)

    I agree that the election of Trump as president will be problematic for the US and the world, but I doubt he’s going to start a nuclear war or anything that severe. One good aspect of having 50 states each with their own legislatures and laws is that it’s pretty hard for the Federal government to create big changes at the state level. Colorado and California will still be liberal states, even with a conservative Federal government, so probably not that much will change for us in these states.

    Even in more conservative states, though, people tend to act friendly on a person to person level. The government might cut benefits or make it harder for women to get an abortion in some states, but the people will likely still smile and act friendly to a stranger.

    I don’t see gun ownership as being a problem most of the time, though when irrational people with extreme ideas get weapons with a high kill capability, that can be very bad. Did you hear about the guy who believed a fake news story that was spread on the internet about a supposed pedophilia ring being run out of a Washington DC pizza parlor? The Republicans and other far-right conservative groups allowed that story to spread to help get Trump elected. Then this guy who believed it shot off a semi-automatic gun inside the pizza parlor. Luckily nobody was hurt, but people still believe that story.

    The stupidity of people who believe wild conspiracy stories worries me. Even one of my ex-roommates believed the Sandy Hook school massacre was faked. That’s crazy.

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    1. I do see a problem with legalized handguns and assault rifles,open and concealed carry and “castle doctrine” laws, where it’s legal in most states to murder unarmed trespassers. The values behind it, the ideology, the attitude, and what it does to children growing up in homes like that, having guns and murder normalized to them, being brainwashed with these ideas, and sometimes being taught how to use guns themselves and kill people. It’s the same thing ISIS does to children.

      I think I’d enjoy living in Boulder! I don’t know about other places, I don’t know if people are as outgoing and easy to talk to in San Francisco for example. If they are, that’s where I really want to live. Is California like this in general or is it more of a NY thing going on? I know New Yorkers have a different reputation😀
      Yeah I heard about “Pizzagate” jeeesus
      Your friend sounds like he or she listens to Alex Jones:/ Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Donald Trump listens to him too, and went on his show, praising his work. lol. I’m usually against state rights due to the death penalty etc, but with him as prez, I’m sort of glad they exist.

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