24 hours!

Until I get up and go to the airport!

Not sure what I’ll do in Denver. I know I want to visit Boulder, I wanna go on campus (if the student union isn’t closed for fall break) and have dinner there, I’ll watch Fantastic Beasts at the cinema at Colorado Station…but other than that, no plans for what I’ll do each day.

I’ll wing it!

Will be flying a 747 for the first time ever from Amsterdam to LAX. 4 hours at LAX, but can’t leave the airport cuz I wouldn’t get back in time. and customs line will probably take a while

picked a window seat at the 747 but apparently the plane is really old and the entertainment system is abysmal, 4:3 screens yuck, that shouldn’t be legal on an 11 hour (!) flight. And on the window rows there are 3 seats as opposed to the more normal 2 on long haul flights such as these. 11 hours where I have to get 2 people to get up if I want to leave my seat sounds sort of like torture. Hope it’s a lightly filled plane and I get all 3 seats for myself! šŸ˜€


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