It’s Halloween. Nostalgia kicking in again. It’s been a year since last Halloween. I was in New York then, enjoying the city and generally being happy. But I did get lonely. I saw those crowds in Times Square, and most of them were people with friends, and I wanted to be part of something like they were, wanted to belong, wanted friends. Went to a Walgreens or something and the cashier asked me if I was ok. Said my eyes were watery.

I don’t remember fully…if it was when I was coming home from New York that there was a zombie crawl on 16th street.  Or if it was when I returned from a trip to Boulder. I do remember seeing people entering the bus from Boulder made up like zombies, so maybe it’s the latter. It’s getting blurry. Starting to really become a long time ago. Thousands of zombies on 16th street, many of them really realistic looking. Chasing kids, having fun. Same feeling as in Times Square. I wanted that. Well, I don’t want to dress up and stuff, but that belonging, that being part of something, friends, happiness, fun.

ugh it’s been a year since then. Denver was coming towards an end. A weekend trip to San Francisco, and then a one night trip to Chicago on the 13th…and then, a couple of weeks later, I was in Bergen. And my life really started to suck. Less than a month now until the one year anniversary of leaving Denver. November 30th. Not looking forward to that anniversary.




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