Taking the sanity test now

 I have little or no desire to engage in sexual activity, although I once did.

Not at all   Just a little   Somewhat   Quite a lot   Nearly all the time

I don’t even agree with or understand the premise of the question. I am not asexual, and I have a normal (I assume) sexdrive, yet I don’t have a desire to “engage in sexual activity”, meaning having it as a goal, plans to make it happen, any need to make it happen. I’ve no interest in having casual sex, and as for in a relationship, I generally don’t even want one, but if I’d want one, it wouldn’t be about sex, it wouldn’t be just so I could have sex and sex wouldn’t be a big part of why I’d want one, in fact it wouldn’t be part of why I’d want one at all. People are just so simple minded. This test annoys me because it asks stupid questions like that. No idea what to answer. Is it asking if I’m asexual? if so, it’s “not at all”. Same if it means low sex drive. If it’s asking the other definition  of “desire”, then it’s “nearly all the time”

it’s just so stupid and vague and basic, they sound like all the party people off the street who’re incapable of critical thought and think just because you feel like doing something it means you have to do it. I get hungry, yet I don’t kill and eat the nearest human to me when I feel that way. And it’s not comparable to hunger anyway. If you don’t eat, you die. Not really how sex works.

Still don’t know what to answer.

I’ll just assume they mean if you’ve lost your sex drive.


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