London and solo travels

I was actually wrong about London. There are actually decent hotels where I can stay for 2-4 days for a reasonable price. So…maybe this christmas? or sooner :O I did say I would go to London this year.

Traveling alone might feel awkward now after my realization in New York. But I just thought, Elisa Lam traveled alone. She went to California from Canada all alone. It’s a thing. It’s not unheard of.

Granted, she might not be “normal” but I don’t want to be normal. I just don’t want to be the equivalent of people going to table service restaurants alone.

Thanks for making me feel better, Elisa. I might be headed to London before the year’s up. Probably just for a couple of days, though.

(someone should have cleaned the plane windows, dirt kinda ruined my pics)13908910_1569946786644747_4540274732034997360_o



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