Last night here

Haven’t written any here from my trip because I’ve been busy having a good, albeit lonely time.

I’m in Newark, got back from Manhattan for the night about an hour ago.

Will do a recap when I’m home on reliable WiFi and on my computer.

Long story short I’ve noticed how strange this is, traveling alone on vacations. It wasn’t as strange when I lived in Denver and traveled to these places, but it’s strange now. The large crowds of people also remind me I need friends. Wish I knew these people. Wish I had friends to do things with.

I can’t do this. Go on vacations alone. I need friends. Going to the late show alone wasn’t normal. Nor was going to One World Observatory alone normal. Traveling to New York on a vacation all alone isn’t normal. Not that I want to be “normal”, but it’s not desirable either.

Tomorrow is my last day here. Tonight was my last sunset in Central Park. Tomorrow will be my last breakfast there. Possibly forever. I don’t want to think about 2 years from now. So as far as I’m concerned, this will be the last time I’m in New York. But if I go again, I need to do so with other people. Maybe I’ll convince my sister to come, since friendship is probably not gonna happen.

Next year is Boulder. So another NY trip isnt until at least 2 years from now. Which means never.

I had a great time. Bit lonely, though. I’ll enjoy the park tomorrow. And then I go back to what I escaped from for a week.

Wish I knew these people.


3 thoughts on “Last night here

  1. Making real friends isn’t easy, but it is possible. Start my finding groups of people who like doing the same things you like to do, maybe photography. It can be a class or a meetup group or just someone you talk to somewhere. You don’t have to be perfect or even “normal”, whatever that is, just be yourself, but talk to people.

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