I’m home

I’ve been walking in the heat all day and got up early and I’m too tired to get into detail, but I’m home. It’s like I never left the US. I drank the same sodas O.o the coconut lime one, used to drink 5 of those a day towards the end. And mojita. It’s like I never left. I can’t stress how much it feels like coming home. Like I never left New York. Like I’ve always lived here. Like the last awful 8-9 months didn’t happen.

Coming back wasn’t anything spectacular, it was like coming home. It actually feels like home.

loll when I walked out of Penn Station, out onto the streets of Manhattan and experienced the sights and sounds of the place, I started smiling. involuntarily. Don’t think it was too big of a smile, but definitely a little smile 😀

I’m doing good. Haven’t been this good in almost a year (last time I was here, the day in Central Park in particular)

I’m Øyvind again.


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