It’ll be nice to see Newark Airport again.

I’ll be arriving in Newark between 7 and 8 pm local time. Account for delays, time spent in customs and waiting for transport to the hotel, maybe taking a shower when I get there, waiting for transport back to the airport,waiting for the train to Manhattan, and the actual trainride,  and I’ll have no time at all in Manhattan that night. There’s no public transport from Manhattan to Newark past midnight. It’s ridiculous.

So at best I’ll have an hour or two in Manhattan before I have to be at Penn Station. At worst I’ll have no time there at all.

But hey, since we’re being crazy, what if, if I have no time, I go to Manhattan and stay there until the next day? Pull an all nighter. Then spend the next day there and get back at a reasonable time. I’ll be crazily tired and delirious though, danger of falling asleep on the train. I hope I get at least an hour or two the first night. Hopefully the plane arrives early and everything goes smoothly.


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