Timeout from answering ads for apartments.

I can’t just move to Scotland and expect to get a job, can I? I have not completed any higher education. So…flipping burgers? What other jobs are there that don’t require experience or education? I wish I knew, I wish there were some good ones…

So now what? God, I just have no clue what do to with my life.

University in Bergen? I checked, not a lot of programs that are up my alley. Not at the college either. And it’s not free. Tuition is high. Not US high but it’s not free either. And I can’t really study abroad at a free university in, say, Spain or France or Portugal or wherever, because, well, chances are I’ll fail. I can’t write long essays about things I don’t care about. I can’t write long research papers in a relatively short amount of time. That’s not me. I tried. Wouldn’t happen. So going abroad to study again only to fail the classes quickly again would get me nowhere.

What now…I really want to go to Scotland, though. I want to go to a lot of places.



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