I was looking up “Glasgow accent” on youtube, as I should probably try to understand this accent before I move there. Found one video where someone from Glasgow did the “accent challenge” and I checked out her other videos to get used to it. Her latest video was one where she explained her absense due to depression, and said she’d made many friends online, and that she needed to let them know what had happened and where she’d been and how she’d been, because they must have been worried. The video was for them.

And I’m thinking…they didn’t care. She fell into the same trap I did and she still believes it. She believes they cared and had been worried about her, had been wondering how she was and what she was doing.

I know they didn’t care. She wasn’t important to them. They weren’t worried. They didn’t think of her. They don’t need to know where she went and how she’s been, they couldn’t care less. They’d be fine if they never saw her again. There’s no such thing as friendship.


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