Meeting people

I want to meet people and I want a social life

I don’t think I’m asking too much. What I’m looking for is people who aren’t party people, people who have never been to any sort of party place (parties, nightclubs and the like), who aren’t shallow and who I get along with. It does not make sense that there are no people like that anywhere.

I could make some concession there, provided they are nice people. I could remove the “never”.How about people who may have gone to a partyplace once  but hated it and don’t ever want to do it again.

But really, is it too much to ask to find some other people, even in this country, even in Bergen or Oslo, who aren’t partypeople? Who don’t party or go clubbing, who aren’t shallow?

Well, I don’t think it’s too much to ask at all. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect some variety, not just 100% conformity from everyone to the messed up, shallow party-culture.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

I need more irl people in my life. I need some social life, and I’ll try to build it in Oslo. I looked at for the Oslo area and while it was a little more active, most of it was gibberish, organizations and stuff, and only 2 among the first results  were about people just hanging out and doing stuff. One was about boardgames and the other about fitness and working out in a park. Neither interest me very much, but I could give them a shot.

I don’t like my facebook. I had a secret facebook account for many years, used it to take part in groups (before facebook for no understandable reason chose to remove the discussion forums in groups and marginalize groups in favour of pages) and for commenting on news articles and stuff. Early last year I joined facebook under my real name and added family as well as one SF friend I had on my secret account. I joined to keep in touch with family while in Denver and to have access to their photo albums. And maybe I thought there was some possibility I would make friends over there that I could add.

But now I just don’t like it. I don’t like how I only have family on there (and one online friend), I don’t like how when I upload pictures there my family members (including extended family) like the pics…how it appears that I’m this “loser” who’s on facebook and acting like his family are his friends, uploading pics just for them. I don’t upload them for them, I upload them there because it’s a handy place to store them. But what I need is irl friends to share the pics with, not a facebook where all but one of my 36 “friends” are family members. I feel pathetic




2 thoughts on “Meeting people

  1. Take the “never” off. People can go to a few parties or nightclubs without being “party people”. I have & I’m not a party person. I generally feel like I’m on the edge of a group, so at a party or nightclub I need to have a drink or plate of food in my hand to feel less awkward. I say hello t people I recognize & chat a bit, but I’m not suddenly comfortable. Often social situations like this feel like a play in which we act a part. Other people may be feeling the same way, so it’s hard to feel authentic & comfortable until you have time to get to know people & establish subjects you have in common with them.

    You can friend me on FB if you like. Then you can see someone else who’s life is pathetic.


    1. you’re not a party person by YOUR definition 😀

      as I said, I can make concessions, but the general sentiment remains. I don’t understand this culture, these values, and I don’t feel like removing the “never” for irl people before I even meet anyone irl. There should be plenty of people like me out there, people who have never and would never do any of these things, and it’s time I met them.
      as for irl concessions, I’ll deal with that when I’m faced with it. I’d imagine it’d be some scenario where the gap is bridgable and I feel comfortable with them

      lol facebook. Do you have like…about 36 friends that would want to be friends with me? maybe meet up with me in Norway or New York? 😀 1 wouldn’t make much of a difference but I’m not shy, I’ll add. not giving up my facebook in the comments on a public blog though :p

      sorry if my comment seems rude or something, I went over it a bunch of times. it’s just that you don’t negotiate from the middle!


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