I just had a great idea

and this idea is-moving to Oslo

Oslo is about twice as big as Bergen (about the size of Denver, I think), and it’s more international. Meetups is slightly more active there as well

My goal is to not be on disability, find a job (or at least part time job), have stuff to do and meet people, make friends. I’ll have more opportunities to do that in Oslo.

Why the hell didn’t I think of this before?

Now I have to turn down my apartment or hope they choose not to offer it to me…my parents, particularly my dad, won’t like that. he was very excited about this apartment, thought it was a perfect opportunity that won’t come again

but fuck it

I’ve already made up my mind. I’m going to try to move to Oslo!


2 thoughts on “I just had a great idea

    1. Well that does of course come with disadvantages, like sometimes I have dinner at their places and save myself the money, sometimes they drive me places or help me out with things. But living my own live is more important than that, so I could live without those advantages if it means I have other opportunities. thanks 🙂


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