LOST imdb board

so this is how I talked when I was a teenager:



I was part of the LOST imdb board family. not as much as others (they did irl meetups and knew each other well) but I felt part of the whole LOST community and spent a lot of time on that board talking about LOST and off-topic stuff. and then that kinda just ended 😀

anyways it’s sorta sad. I sorta wish I had gone to meetups and stuff too. not that I could have, I lived in Norway, but still.

it’s sad that it’s such a long time ago and it’s all gone. I got clever and added myself to a secret facebook group the lost boarders made way back then and I was in on my old secret account, saw these old posts of mine




2 thoughts on “LOST imdb board

    1. :O were you on the LOST IMDb board? 😀 looking for clues was so much fun, I felt like I was part of a secret society let in on top secret information 😀 I bet you checked out Lostpedia? such a gamechanger discovering that site and the online community, suddenly the show just got much more interesting!


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