Weight loss

I really don’t understand how it happened, but I lost between 20 and 30 kg while I was in the US. I was overweight before I went, probably the most overweight I’ve ever been. I weighed over 100 kg. I weighed myself in my hotel room in Chicago and converted pounds or whatever it was to kg with google, but I didn’t really believe it when it said I was in the 70s. It’s just too dramatic a change in such a short time. I thought might be an error in the conversion, or maybe the scale was malfunctioning. but then my dad came over during my last week to help me pack and remarked how skinny I was. When my mom greeted me at the airport, she expressed surprise, she thought I’d starved myself over there. and then when I weighed myself, I weighed about 79/80. that was after a last month where I just ate out a lot and 3 trips (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago) where I ate like crazy. 79/80 is more than what the scale in Chicago showed, but that was probably because of all the “yolo” eating during my last month there. After a few weeks home I was down to 74. Yesterday I was 76.

I don’t really get it because before I went to the US, I went to the gym all the time, several times a week. I didn’t work out very hard, but it was something. In Denver I didn’t work out at all. I went to the gym there one time. Didn’t like the gym. The treadmills were in the middle of the room and all the equipments in the room were facing them. And each other. So you were on display wherever you went. I went hiking sometimes but I don’t really think I went hiking more than 10 times. Probably less. Should have gone hiking so much more, but that’s another story.

I guess I ate a lot less than I did in Norway, with the exception of the last month.

And now I’ve maintained this general weight for 7 months. I’m never going back up past 80.

I was overweight ever since I was 15. Denver changed that.



2 thoughts on “Weight loss

  1. Awesome! 🙂 You probably walked more, maybe ate healthy food, & maybe your metabolism changed from the added exercise. Our bodies eventually create a set-point of “normal” for us, when your set-point is a lower weight than it used to be, it’s easier to maintain that weight.

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