Not going to a meetup

I hate people

they’re all party people, they’re all shallow

they all call people “attractive” and “unattractive” and “ugly” and “pretty/hot/beautiful/handsome” and treat them differently accordingly.

they all have “casual sex” (or “hook up”, as the partypeople call it) with strangers because of their looks, without knowing them, knowing who they are and what they stand for, knowing their morals and values, knowing if they’re good people, what their history is, who they’ve hurt and how. they all use tinder or think it’s ok, and it’s become normal and even funny to most people

they all laugh at and reward looks-based comedy where people degrade people because of their looks, like wtf Graham Norton, the monstrous, nazi things he’s said on his shows…and what the fuck, Deadpool. that movie is so popular and everyone is saying how great and funny it is. It’s one of the most evil, nightmarish movies I’ve ever seen. Probably THE most.

There’s no comfort when I run into shallowness in movies and youtube videos.  When Markiplier uses the word “ugly” for comedic effect, I know the entire world is with him in that Horror. No comfort. it’s just gut-wrenching.

the world is a horrible place. Because people choose to make it a horrible place rather than just be nice.

So I’m not going to a meetup in New York. There’s no one like me on this planet. no one to trust. no one to be friends with. They’re all shallow


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