Newark, Newark-I mean New Jersey

So I’ll be staying in Newark, New Jersey, at a Ramada by the airport. Most people staying there probably only stay there due to flight complications. I’m going against the stream as usual and staying there for a week as part of a New York vacation. Maybe they’ll think I’m crazy for it.

Manhattan is not within walking distance from the hotel. My original plan was to take the free shuttle to and from the airport every day, and take the train from the airport to Manhattan and back. This plan would involve only going once a day and staying in Manhattan all day, and getting back before midnight, because the train schedule is unclear past midnight and I could get stuck there.

One problem with this plan, in addition to having to limit my trips to once a day and getting back before midnight, is that it might be suspicious that I go to and from the airport every day.  It’ll look like I’m a terrorist, scoping out the airport 😀

Another plan is I take bus 40 to one place and then take another bus or two to Times Square. I’m not too crazy about this plan, but Times Square is the ideal starting point.

Third plan is to take bus 40 from outside the hotel to a PATH station and take the PATH across the river to World Trade Center. Now, I’ll go back to the memorial pools,  I should see the memorial museum there, and maybe get to the top of 1WTC, if there is an observation deck there (I’ll check that out soon, trip is still almost 2 months away), however it’s a long walk from WTC to Times Square and Central Park. I might take the subway if I can figure it out. I took the subway from Times Square to WTC, but it got confusing going back so I just walked back, which was nice because then I got to see the Flatiron building and just experience the streets of Manhattan for a while. Point is it might be a long walk to do every day, so maybe I’ll just do that the day I go to WTC and take the 2 or 3 buses the rest. Or maybe I’ll do the walk every day, I like walking.


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