Apartment dude called me today but I didn’t hear. will call him around noon tomorrow. I do hope he offers me the apartment, but I’m worried. I think the plan is my dad will chip in for the deposit (3 months) but I still have the 10 000 kroner I just got…and I’m afraid part of the plan is I spend that 10 000 on the deposit and my dad pays the rest. That will mean New York is off. I can’t cancel New York. I have to go.

I signed up for a New York meetups group. A meetup for internationals. Well maybe Americans as well, it was vague and very inclusive in its group description. I hope it’s people from all over the world, including the US.  I hope there is a meetup when I go in August. They  haven’t planned that far ahead, wish they did, so I could book my trip accordingly. And god damn it, I hope the apartment won’t mean I can’t go. I need to go. No matter what, I need to go. I’m getting some energy back. I’m getting in shape and stuff. I do stolzen pretty much every evening and I jet past everyone else on the trail. I have energy and a new willingness to meet people as of the last few days. Don’t screw this up, universe. Add to it, make it stronger.


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