I got up early to call the apartment dude back, but got the busy signal. got a text saying he’d call me later. “later” am I just supposed to sit here and wait?

Worried he was gonna offer me the apartment yesterday but since I didn’t pick up the phone the one time he called, he offered it to someone else. that’d be really ridiculous. it’s bad enough to just ask for someone’s number and not their email as well, but to just call once? Offer it to someone else if they don’t pick up the phone the one time? that’s moronic and douchey

guess I’m sitting here waiting until he calls back. I’m not going to pick up the phone while I’m at the gym.


2 thoughts on “Apartment

  1. I’m glad you’re looking forward to your trip, but you should be aware of a couple things. New York apartments tend to be very expensive for what you get & summers there tend to be hot. I’ve only ever been in the international airport myself, but these are things many people say about New York. If for some reason, you find it’s not going to work out to go there, it might be better to go someplace else that’s cooler & less expensive.

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    1. Hi!
      Woah, an apartment in New York? yeah, I’d never attempt that 😀 the apartment in question is right here in Bergen. I’m not a billionaire :p
      I’m just going to New York for a week
      don’t you live in California? it’s much hotter there than NY, surely!


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