It’s hot hot hot

the sun is shining and it’s really hot and I’m reminded of my first few days in Denver, when it was hotter than I’ve ever experienced anywhere before.

and I’m missing those few days. I miss wearing my super cool blue buttoned shirt that I got in Boulder, I miss the scorching heat, I miss the excitement of being in this new, crazy country, I miss it so much and it feels like it never happened, it’s that faint

I need it back

I want to be in Denver or Boulder, drinking a mojito with good friends, feeling content and excited

that never happened btw, I never had friends, but it’s something I’d like. Silly, naive fantasy.

I get the 10000 kroner on the 24th of june, then I’ll start booking a NY trip

I’m moving out, I’ve terminated my lease so I can move out in 3 months but maybe sooner. If the apartment I move into after that doesn’t require a deposit (and that’s a big if), I’ll have 20 000 kroner. enough for one US trip and one European trip. or maybe 2 US trips. or maybe one long US trip. If that happens (and I don’t have a lot of faith in that happening) I’ll go to Denver/Boulder


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