slightly incoherent thoughts about the otter incoming:

I feel sad for the otter, and how it makes sad noises for food. They are hunters and have fun with other otters but it probably still loves its human(s) and the food they feed it even though they’re supposed to eat fish. And looks like they’re feeding them dog food. They need other otters and they need fish and they need large bodies of water but a sink and a bathtub is all it gets and it gets dog food but it makes these sad noises for the food and it probably loves the humans, it makes me sad for it

it does appreciate them and probably love them, it realizes it needs them. But it needs other otters and it makes these sad noises as if it needs something and needs the human to fix it, to make it happen. Other otters, water, food

they need water, it needs water yet it lives in a house, a dry house, with only small tub and sink

the sad noise 😦 it’s so sad

what does it need? And the humans aren’t giving it to it, whether it’s other otters, water or larger amounts of food

ok I’m not sure if what they feed it is actually dog food or if it’s actually otter food from the pet store. The wikipedia page for otters makes no mention of otters as pets, so I don’t know if it’s normal, doable or moral. Maybe the otter is happy there, the sounds it makes just makes me feel so sad for it. But maybe it’s happy, content.

the noises are so sad though. 😦 why does this bother me so much. I though it was cute, the one video where it ate the food but then I saw more videos of it making these sad noises. it cuddles a bit with the person and looks like it appreciates them, but still I feel sad for it, and it’s the noises. I want the otter to at least have otter friends. they should get several. and they should have a big pool. and lots of fish.

I hope it’s happy


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