Filling all my time watching videos about international politics and wars and depressing stuff.

Want to watch fun videos, funny stuff, travel videos, but especially the latter is upsetting. Reminds me of what I’ve lost.

I’m so numb.

At my dad’s while he’s away. I want to get some alcohol and try to watch fun vids again but I don’t have any money. and I also want to make tacos. I so do not have the money to do both. I don’t even have the money to do either.

Good news on that front, though. Will be getting a little more money on the 10th, should keep me going for a week, and a week after that I get paid the normal amount. so maybe yolo… except even if I have enough money for the entire weekend, there’ll be 2 days after that where I won’t have money at all and so can’t eat.  God damn it I was gonna yolo



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