Looking at pics from Denver International Airport on instagram.

I miss that place so much, I miss just being at that airport, waiting for my flight, about to go on an adventure. I miss the shops, I miss…just being there. I miss being free, alive, in charge, spontanious, I miss fun and excitement.  I miss DIA so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much unfinished business. I need to go back and travel from DIA to everywhere a lot more. But that can never happen. I can’t afford to live in Colorado for any long period of time just to go on travels with it as HQ. I grew emotionally attached to an airport O.o and although I want to go back to Boulder, it’ll be at least a year after New York until I can afford to do that. Probably longer. Unless I win the lottery. And I’ll just be there once. And I don’t want to think that far ahead, I don’t really want to be alive a year from now, or a year and a half from now, or 2 years from now.

I wasn’t done yet. I wasn’t done with Boulder, I wasn’t done with DIA, I wasn’t done with traveling the US.

I’ll find my camera, I have some photos of the airport on it that I took to share with my friend while waiting for my plane to New York.

hang on, it’s not on my camera, I deleted all my NY pics on my camera to save space, saving them to onedrive instead.



This might look delicous, but it was really gross, I have no idea how they could make tacos gross but they did it. I was really weird though, it was early in the morning, before 10 a.m, yet I ordered this dinner. *facepalm* should have gotten the breakfast like a normal person. Well, actually I shouldn’t have gotten anything from there at all, because as I said it was really gross. (it wasn’t from Steve’s, first pic is unrelated)


I like the concept of time travel so I thought this was cool O.o

and those were all the pics I had from the airport 😦 and I was only in that terminal once.

well, no! I have a few more


^terminal C, San Francisco trip


^tiny Embraer (hadn’t even heard of before) plane that went to Seattle on San Francisco trip


^Snapped while leaving airport after returning from Chicago.



3 thoughts on “DIA

  1. Being able to hop on an airplane & fly to someplace you’ve never been before shows a level of confidence you may not credit yourself well enough for having. The first and only time I flew on my own to a strange city was when I was 42 I think? I went to a vampire gather in Los Angeles, at a small club in West Hollywood. That was exciting. I booked the flight,room & transportation myself, to meet people I’d never met before. It was a weird & exhilarating adventure.

    Maybe you can find some kind of work or apartment swap that would let you stay in Colorado longer?

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    1. Thanks!
      You’re a vampire? :O not the sparkling kind, I hope!

      Nah, I don’t have any education that would make me attractive to employers abroad, and they’d have to assist in getting me a work visa. So that’s just not going to happen.


      1. I don’t really identify as a vampire, but as having a psi-vampiric aspect. I like to think of it as being something like a succubus, though I’m obviously human first. The “real vampire” subculture is one in which people identity as vampires or vampiric or as friends & donors to those who do. It’s a complex psychological, social & metaphysical identity construct that seldom means those involved believe themselves to be like fictional vampires. The gathering I went to was for these sorts of folks, & no we were not shiny. lol At a get together of this sort, most were black or dark colors, kind of goth-looking, though they usually dress normally in the regular, mundane parts of their lives.

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