music and pics

Had this song in my head the entire trip from Bergen to Denver. I wanted to play this track in my head as I took off from Oslo:

starting at 2:34.  Perfect music for a big catalyst, taking off, leaving the old predictable and pointless life behind and going on an adventure, opening the door to unpredictability, taking charge, going offroad, heading into god knows what, letting destiny decide. But that’s not how it turned out, couldn’t get We Are Born When We Die out of my head.


I feel like I was so young when I traveled. It’s not just that it feels so long ago, it feels like I was so young and inexperienced when I left, and my initial experiences the first few weeks. Like I was a teenager then, and now I’m actually 25. That only adds to how long it feels like it’s been. I really don’t recognize the initial Øyvind in Denver. So young, so inexperienced, so…school kid like. Remember the first few classes, the douche in Math class….it feels so fucking long ago. Traveling to the US, the flight to Newark, the long stay at Newark Liberty, the night flight to Denver…it was little baby Øyvind. It’s crazy, this feeling.





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