I was looking through my New York album and had a strong urge to go back there. But it’s such an expensive city. The ones that are even remotely affordable (for a week or less) are 2 stars or less


One. The Ramada. Ramada is where I stayed in Denver the first two weeks, and while it wasn’t luxurious, it became acceptable. user rating for the Newark Airport ramada is 3.6 stars on expedia.  Getting to NYC from Newark Liberty is quick and easy, I’ve done it before, after all. might cost a bit to take the train every day though. I’ve gotta remember to not only save up enough money for the actual trip and hotel, but enough to live for.

We might be doing NYC instead of Boulder. but god damn it I miss Boulder too. It’s a tough choice and I might not be able to afford either anyway.

I really loved being in NYC. I loved Central Park. Felt like I had been there before. As a child. when I was happy. weird feeling to have, I know.




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