I really really miss Denver

I only have about 30 pics of Denver on facebook, and none of them are very good. I have hundreds of pics from Boulder, New York, San Francisco and Chicago, but only very few from Denver. I may have a few more on my camera that I deemed too uninteresting to post on facebook. I wish I’d taken pics of everything. my room, the hallways, the laundry room O.o (there’s a shared laundry room where I live, but it’s kinda gross, think I wrote something about that on here. But I do miss the clean, big laundry room in that silly student apartment complex/dorms [Campus Village] that I was too old to live in in Denver), the health food shop I got dinner and all natural lemon popsicles/ice lollies from (when I could have just gone to King Soopers, which I only discovered during my last week there. They had everything!), the various fast food joints, the light rail, the cinema, the place I sat and ate a lot of my dinners, the student union, the classrooms, I sorta wish I’d sneaked pics of some of the people too but not really because that would be creepy lol, the cafe in the Cherry Creek building where I had lunch before my Interpersonal Communication classes (ew!!!! I used to get fruit there but once there was a tiny piece of onion in my cup of watermelon slices and the entire thing tasted like onions and it was so gross so I stopped getting lunch there after that), the streets, Union Station, the BMX/BV bus to and from Boulder…

My god I miss the cinema. “UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX”. I saw The Martian, Everest, Crimson Peak, and uhm some others I don’t remember. It’d usually just be me and like 3 other people watching a movie. which is weird because it’s the only Imax in town. Getting on the light rail, getting off at Colorado station, getting some snacks and a “small” diet coke (jesus, they call that small?!), watching the movie in the undercrowded cinema, getting out after dark and taking the light rail back. I miss simple things like that.

I have a tendency to miss things. Things that I maybe didn’t even appreciate when I had them.

I was randomly checking 7news’ youtube, as I used to do every day when I lived there. There was a video of Denver International Airport, the long lines at TSA after a blizzard had shut down the airport for a day. I miss that! I miss those lines, I miss the airport. Waiting in line there, about to go on a spontaneous adventure to New York, San Francisco, Chicago! I wish I’d taken pictures in the airport too. I miss everything. And because I watched that video, I’ll be too sad about that, missing it too much, wanting to travel again, so I can’t sleep.

I really miss having people to talk to. I miss my old friends. I talk to fictional people in my head all the time, picture imaginary conversations. That’s not healthy, is it? Before you know it, I’ll actually be talking to myself. I wish they were here. I wish they were real.

I’m going to my mom’s tomorrow, she’s making veggie lasagna! I’m looking forward to that. It tastes better than veggie lasagna in italian restaurants. nomnom.  nom. nomnomnom. nomnom.

Edit: also I am sick. And not the fun, “maybe this will kill me” kind of sick.


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