• I have a headache
  • I got skype working on my pc again woo
  • I only have one contact on there now though and as I said I have no motivation or will to get to know new people
  • I really really have a really bad headache
  • ow
  • I have no idea what to do next
  • I was going to travel but financial situation is making it difficult
  • I need to do something with my life in order to justify not dying
  • I am doing nothing with my life
  • getting a job is not what i mean
  • it won’t cut it
  • I need some big thing
  • an adventure, traveling, something like that
  • if i’m just going to be stuck like this, living here all alone, doing nothing apart from hiking and exercising and maybe working, that’s not a life worth living. I need something to keep me going
  • and I don’t have it and I don’t know what it could be
  • it used to be Albuquerque/Santa Fe. My new life I was going to start there.
  • then it was Denver
  • now there’s nothing
  • what’s the fucking point
  • ow my head
  • this wasn’t supposed to happen

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