New digs

Moved in today. Internet wasn’t working and despite having a ps4, a book and plans to go hiking in the evening, I couldn’t stay there without the internet. So I’m at my dad’s. Will go back tomorrow, try to make it work. It’s included in the rent and the landlord is responsible for it so upgrading or changing could be a hassle. I can’t go a day without the internet. Gotta find a cafe with WiFi. Could sit at one for breakfast. But then I have a need to go online during evenings, talk to people (not that there are a lot of people to talk to these days), instagram, YouTube. Could get really depressing having to go nights without internet. If I remember the library correctly, there weren’t really places to sit. Which is bizarre. Gotta go back to see. But they probably close early. I can’t go to cafes both mornings and nights. Maybe Fløyen has free WiFi. Could sit outside there for a while with my phone. Hope so, that might be cool.IMG_20160302_145259


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