The only two times I got a hug from someone outside of my family they were from the same person; one of my teachers from secondary school. Sideways hugs.

As I was writing that, I remembered a third. A homeless woman in Denver. She told me about her struggles, showed me a picture of her family. Told me to look her in the eyes and promised she wasn’t “bullshitting” me. When I gave her the money she requested, she hugged me.

3 times. 3 times I’ve been hugged by someone not in my family.



2 thoughts on “Hugs

  1. Some people are huggers, but many aren’t. If you’re around more people, you’re more likely to run into huggers, but often it depends on the kinds of groups your in. For instance, people in a church group or those working with the poor might be more likely to be huggers. People from southern regions are more likely to be huggers than those from northern regions too.

    My family are not huggers, but my Mom would hug me to make a show of loving me. It didn’t usually feel sincere to me, but more like a way to show dominance over me. If we’d been fighting or she just hurt my feelings, I didn’t feel much like hugging her. As she got more elderly and frail, I’d hug her because I didn’t want her to feel like she’s unloved or that I didn’t care about her. My sister-in-law was a hugger, but my bother and sister weren’t.

    My roommate is not a hugger and doesn’t like to be hugged, but I’ve come to appreciate hugs from friends who are, so if I want to hug someone, I ask them first if it’s ok by asking “Hug?”

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    1. southern regions on all continents? sounds kinda right but I think generally Norwegians ARE huggers, not only among friends but friendly acquaintances as well. It’s just i never really had either. So it’s not that no one I meet is a hugger, it’s that I never get even remotely close to anyone.

      Thanks for replying. Hugs as a means of dominance…I guess that’s a thing too.

      lol I imagine “hug?” might be awkward. I’d prefer people just “stealing” hugs from me tbh. But then maybe people think I’m not a hugging person like you said. đŸ˜•

      I’m sorry to hear about your mother falling ill. Is she still with us?


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