Well well well

Look what I found https://www.reddit.com/r/sad/comments/33c8qt/wwwsuicideforumcom_administrators_abusing_unwell/

shame I didn’t see it earlier and can’t get in touch with cie…I remember seeing that name around but don’t remember ever talking to them.

yup Wildcherry pretended to be all nice and decent and supportive when she owned the site, but when I kept bringing up the mod abuse and how they all know each other in real life and gang up on “unwell” people at the end of their ropes in order to stick up for each other, she eventually said she agreed with Freya’s abusive behaviour in chat and the subsequent two month forum access only. Then she stopped replying. So she’s just as accountable (if not more, as she owned the site and so had the most power), and apparently so is texaskitty, as well as all the mods who didn’t stop them. I talked to other people who had gotten abused and banned by the mods early last year, they said Wildcherry knew NYJmpMaster in real life as well, and she joined their mob while feigning innocence.

what truly horrible people. What they do to people really should be illegal. It’s no different from psych ward employees harming and abusing patients. These people have blood on their hands and the world must know of their crimes. And future suicidal, depressed or mentally ill people must know so they can stay clear of the site.

This will be my first post without a picture because I feel it isn’t appropriate given the context. It’s a sickening situation.


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