instagram vol.2 and also long boring ramble about nothing

2 or 3 people have unfollowed me on instagram today. What the hell, people?  *throws temper tantrum* you’re giving me abandonment issues!

Now I only have 11 followers. On the other hand I must have liked over 1000 pics on there today. Pics tagged with Boulder, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Millennium Park, Bergen, Nordnes (where I’m moving in a few days), Stoltzen (notorious hike I intend to start hiking, can you say that? Hike the hike?), wizardgod, Bønes (where I grew up), Nordåsvannet (water that was visible from our house, on summer days you could see people sailing and windsurfing there), Gamlehaugen and so many more tags. I was on instagram all day except when I went to the gym. At least I dont think it’s a harmful obsession.

Now what photo should I pick for this post…IMG_20160221_172443

Ah, yes. Coming in for a landing in Oslo when I went “home”. It felt like home, actually. Coming to Europe and Norway, coming “back to civilization” after having spent half a year in crazytown. Here people didn’t have guns and they didn’t want to execute anyone. Here they spoke my language…well that’s debatable, I’m better at English than Norwegian. But yeah, arriving at Gardermoen Airport, being in a less cruel and cold and murderous environment, realizing it was the first of December and getting a Christmas marzipan chocolate, it was neat. Then as soon as Christmas ended everything became horrible and I got really depressed and eventually suicidal. But while hiking in Boulder and traveling to the 3 cities was great, the whole gun thing and the whole executions thing made me uncomfortable with everyone I met or interacted with in Denver, store clerks, students, professors, people on the street. Not so much the other places but in Denver it was a constant uncomfortable awareness so it was nice to come back to Norway and interact with security and shop employees and cabin crew in a normal environment where I didn’t have to worry about things like that.

Aanyways the actual’ve gotta understand, Øyvind, that in Denver it had been freezing for about a month. August and September were hotter in Denver than it ever gets anywhere in Europe. October too was decent, I think, at least a good part of it. It was upper 20s celsius as opposed to the upper 30s of the first 2 months there, but that’s still peak summer temps in Norway. Then, I think it was the same day I flew to San Francisco, suddenly there was snow on the ground and it was freezing. It got colder in Denver than I’ve ever experienced in Norway. All the trees died. Just a monotone brown of dead branches. Then I flew back to Norway and as you can see in the pic, it was a rather dramatic change. The sun was shining. No snow. Lakes/ponds  weren’t frozen. And SO MUCH GREEN. Trees everywhere with all their leaves still on them.

I’m not very patriotic at all. AT ALL. But that day I was all “Norway, fuck yeah!!!”


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