6 a.m. Not gone to sleep yet

I think you could make anything epic if you put it to “Of Mice and Ben.” I’ve been thinking that for almost 8 years now. For 8 years I’ve wanted to make a video of someone going to the store and buying milk, with that track playing. It would look epic af.

It’s a shame the track is so short. Wish there was an extended version.

Oh and NYJmpMaster’s real name is Reuben Dickison. Wonder what his real life friends and colleagues would think of him if they were let know what kind of sick things he does with his spare time.

I believe Butterfly is a nurse. Would future employers think twice if they knew that on the internet she gets off by abusing people with mental health issues? I believe at least some would.

I am eating too much. But that’ll probably end once I move out in about a week (!) just like it ended when I moved to Denver. Well, the last month I ate too much there too, got takeout every day. Tacos, burritos and quesadillas(illegal pete’s, qdoba, the rare chipotle); sandwiches (potbelly); veggieburgers (smashburger and red robin. Smash had the nommest options but they gave me a thin bag so the moment I left the shop my food ended up on the ground. Both places forgot my milkshake. Omg this is still the parenthesis of a sentence that isn’t finished yet, keep it short Øyvind); falafel pitas, or just hummus and pita (falafel king in Boulder for the former, have forgotten the name of the one in Denver where I got the latter as well as the former, it’s on Colfax across the street from the capitol though and it got rave reviews on yelp and I agree with those reviews and omg I did it again parentheses are supposed to be short), sat at noodles & co and relaxed with noodles… well these are just dinners but I ate a lot in addition to those towards the end, and as I said I got takeout pretty much every day the last month instead of just getting some cheese, fruit and crackers or hummus and veggies. Still kept losing weight though. My parents thought I had starved myself over there.

Probably so many spelling mistakes. I’m on my phone and autocorrect randomly changes ate to are, in to on etc, I used to be so good with grammar and never used “omg” and “lol” outside of chat/Skype, even then rarely. What have I become…


Anyways here’s one of my several hundred pics from chi-town. It was a good day.

Also, it is now 7, I’ve been writing here+instagramming (I have 12 followers and over 100 pics)+spotifying for another hour. So good night, non-existent readers!



3 thoughts on “6 a.m. Not gone to sleep yet

    1. lol ok we’re getting detailed! I don’t really need his city or pokersites haha. What would be interesting is getting in touch with others who’ve fallen prey to those people, so we could stick together and form a new community. and also get things out there, warn other people to not join SF, and get a large number of people to stand up to them. That first link isn’t me btw.


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