Where is my home?

It’s not in Bergen, Norway, except in some manners it is. When it comes to human rights, democracy, and modern values, we’re #1 on this planet. But still…I don’t belong here. I went to the US. Spent four months there. It’s not for me. Except in some ways it is! Boulder, Colorado, particularly the mountains there, Chautauqua, that IS for me. It is SO for me. But still kinda not. The things that make the US unacceptable to me are the death penalty, the second amendment and open and concealed carry, and nationalistic indoctrination (“pledge of allegience” etc)

I think I’m on the continent where I belong. Well no, I’m on the continent where I belong the most. Which isn’t saying much. Maybe somewhere in Asia would be better for me. Someone suggested Singapore and Japan to me on SF once. But both those places have the death penalty and I can’t accept living in a country like that.

My photography teacher in secondary school said to look for curves. If there are interesting curves, it will make an interesting photo. The photo I’ve chosen for this post has two curves intersecting. How’s that, Lars?

Got an instagram and I’ve gotten addicted to it. Account name is wizardgod


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