How does wordpress work?

Can people view my blog by invite or googling only, or is there a main page where all new blog posts are listed and anyone can see?

I guess if it’s the former, I’ll never get a reply to this, and if it’s the latter I’ll never get a reply to this because no one ever talks to me anyway.

Will try to post a photo with every post I make here. I certainly have a lot of photos to post.


2 thoughts on “How does wordpress work?

  1. I use WordPress mostly to read blogs about Second Life, but I found yours when I did a Google search on NYJmpMaster, so posts will come up for anyone searching on your keywords or other words in your posts. When you’re linked to another blogger as one of the blogs they follow, I think your blog comes up on their sidebar too.

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    1. Second Life…that’s the one where they troll people with air raid sirens, isn’t it? haha why do I know this…
      yeah, I guess the only way it’ll get read is if people google specific terms I use. that sucks. Maybe I should have gotten a tumblr or something, I like interacting with people. But oh well, it’s a place to vent, at least.


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